Plastic free July may be over but we’re still committed to making changes on a daily basis. A sustainable lifestyle isn’t going to be perfect over night. It’s not about doing things perfectly. It’s about making a conscious effort to do better, to think about the consequences of your actions and the things you purchase and use everyday.

We spoke with Daisy -  the face behind one of our favourite sustainable brands, The Handmade Collective & Co to find out her top sustainable swaps we can imperfectly try in & out of the home.

"A range of things that are now part of my daily routine and habits. Living more sustainably is an ongoing and ever changing process and there is always room for improvement. I would highly recommend choosing 1 or 2 things to start off with and once you have succeeded with these changes, choose another 2 things. It would be impossible to change everything all at once and it is about sustainability so don’t try everything all at once.
It is actually really simple and a lot of the methods and tips are what our grandparents and past generations would have done before plastic was so widely used. We have to start rewiring our brains and make the changes part of our daily habits and routines. When we know better, we do better."

- Use a natural and palm oil free soap bar ~ better for your skin, more cost effective and of course, plastic free.
- Soap saver ~ Used to hold your soap and ensure it is long lasting. You can wash your body with the soap saver itself and then hang from your tap to dry.
- Shampoo bar ~ A natural and plastic free alternative to bottled shampoo. Have you ever looked at the ingredients of your bottled shampoo… I challenge you to. Shampoo bars are 100% natural and contain nourishing ingredients. They also last for 2-3 months so you will be saving yourself lots of $ too.
- DIY Apple Cider Vinegar conditioning rinse ~ Keep a jug in your bathroom with a bottle of ACV inside. Each time you shampoo your hair, pour 1 part ACV with 10 parts cool water, pour over your hair and leave for 5 minutes, rinse out and your eco-friendly and natural hair wash is complete.
- Body butter ~ We have created an all natural and plastic free body butter that nourishes and hydrates the skin. 
- Safety razor ~ Make the switch to a plastic free safety razor. 
- Bamboo toothbrush
- ‘Who gives a crap’ toilet paper subscription 
- Plastic free and zero waste vegetable stock: Keep a container in the freezer for any leftover veggie scraps (peelings, ends). Once your container is full, add to a pot, cover with boiling water and simmer for 20 minutes, drain liquid, season with salt and pepper and store in a recycled jar in the fridge. You can then pop the scraps in your compost.
- Kitchen soap ~ Natural, palm oil free and plastic free.
- Beeswax wraps. Wrap food such as cheese, avocado, half fruit and veg, salad. Cover bowls or jars containing left over food. 
- Bins/recycling: We have a compost bin, normal recycling, Containers for Change recycling, large bag for any soft plastics that can be taken to Woolworths for recycling.
- Wash out and reuse food jars to store leftover food or take to bulk stores and fill with pantry items. 
- Make your own bread and keep fresh by wrapping in a beeswax wrap. 
- Shop at zero waste and bulk food stores such as Naked Foods or Source Bulk Foods with your recycled jars for pantry items.
Day to day lifestyle changes
Things to keep in your car and/or your handbag: 
- Reusable produce bags, shopping bags, reusable cup, reusable water bottle, reusable cutlery set, container.
- Every time you go to the beach. Make a habit of collecting 3 pieces of plastic. “Take 3 for the sea”
- Recycle 
  • Shop at bulk food stores such as NakedFoods or Source Bulk Foods.
  • Support small Australian businesses 
  • Do an audit on your lifestyle/habits. Start by each room and look at what products you are currently using and how you can make more sustainable choices. 

Image 1 Botanical Bath Salts
Image 2 Self Care Box
All images curtesy of The Handmade Collective & Co

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