Vol. 3 Mindful Christmas Tips


It's the Most Wasteful Time of the Year.

1. Reduce re-purpose reuse - get in touch with your creative side and make your own wrapping paper out of recycled paper, fabrics & materials. Keep & use next year. Use twine or biodegradable sticky tape.

2. Shop with intent- support your local businesses, shop small, make gifts or give experiences.

3. Food for thought - don't over buy, plan ahead & stick to your list. Store food properly and get creative with left overs. If you have too much invite friends over, give to neighbours or food banks.

4. There's no such thing as away, everything must go somewhere - recycle correctly & compost where possible. Give unwanted gifts or supplies to charity.

5. Make a conscious choice - choose plastic free, eco friendly, conserve water, turn off your lights.

6. The four gift tradition - something you want, something you need, something to wear, something to read. Choose a gift that lasts - something with meaning and purpose.

7. Consider secret Santa - avoid unnecessary buying & instead buy for one person each.

8. Give presence not presents - embrace the true meaning of Christmas and spend quality time with loved ones.

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