Read Plant Bloom

planting your Hello Petal card

Read Plant Bloom

Your Hello Petal Card is embedded with Swan River daisy seeds and is intended
to be planted once read for an array of wildflowers to bloom

Follow these steps for best results:

1. Fill a cute pot with seed raising mix
2. Soak your Hello Petal card in water until completely wet
3. Place card in pot and lightly cover with seed raising mix
4. Water and place in a well-lit environment- a sunny windowsill in your
home is the perfect home for it

IMPORTANT: Ensure paper stays moist and does not dry out
Germination should take 7-21 days

Note: card may be planted directly into your garden.
Regular soil is fine to use however seed mix is recommended for best results

What our customers are saying

Hi Tara, I just wanted to write in to tell you how BEAUTIFUL your cards are. I received my order today and I'm beyond impressed with the quality and your thoughtful packaging. The prints are so bright and happy, and I cant wait to gift these to our bridal party and our parents on our wedding day! Thanks so much for creating a lovely product.


The honey bee card is the CUTEST. The card is the perfect size, adorable, and as usual the fact they can grow daisies is a huge hit! Love these cards and love this brand.