About Us

Our journey began in early 2018. What started out as a hobby & creative outlet on the side of daily Mum duties quickly turned into a full time job and successful business. Hello Petal now partners with over 70 wonderful businesses across Australia & New Zealand. 
Tara's mission for Hello Petal is simple - to create beautiful pieces for the heart and home that don't cost the earth. Our plantable cards are changing the way we give, all while contributing to the reforestation of our native landscape. With Hello Petal, your words of love with literally bloom into wildflowers.

Plantable paper
Our not so ordinary cards are handcrafted on 100% recycled, seeded paper in the hello petal studio. Each piece is intended to be planted once read for Swan River daisies to bloom. Swan River daisies are native to Perth, WA and produce a beautiful array of purple, pink, blue and white flowers. All artwork is an original hand painted or digitally drawn piece by Tara. We are a proud plastic free, zero waste business and pride ourselves on our sustainable practices.

✿ handcrafted Australian made, plantable paper
✿ 100% home compostable (including all packaging)
✿ biodegradable 'sticky' tape used to secure your orders (made from regenerated wood pulp)
✿ packed and shipped in compostable mailers with carbon neutral couriers and of course, a whole lotta love!

We believe
We all have the ability to help save the planet. That's why we've pledged to    donate 1% of all sales to Greening Australia - an organisation dedicated to protecting and restoring Australia's vegetation. Together, with your support we can help overcome some of our biggest environmental challenges.

Did you know that as you read this, 199 tones of paper is being wasted? That's 202193.335 kilograms! Did you also know that 42% of global wood harvest is used to make paper?
With 7.8 billion people living on earth imagine the impact we can make if we all pledge to make one small change each day!