Our Story.

Born out of a love of hand written letters and the ritual of pouring your heart out onto paper, hello petal was created soon after the birth of my daughter, Daisy. I was on a journey to find something that was just ‘mine’, to rediscover myself after becoming a Mother.
Inspired by a love of wildflowers and slow, sustainable living; our venture came to life after discovering the idea of plantable paper. My soul was alight and I’d found my passion - to create slow, sustainable pieces for the heart and home that can be planted to then bloom into daisies.

I lovingly and sustainably handcraft each flowery piece in our cozy home on Bribie Island & it makes my heart so full to see my creations loved and treasured.
By supporting our journey, you are not only shopping ethical and small, but also supporting my dream and buying a piece of heart. Thank you!
I hope hello petal can inspire you to slow down, to dream & to do your small part in contributing to keeping earth beautiful.

Tara xx   Our Paper
All of our paper is 100% recycled and sustainably made. Our seeded paper is embedded with Swan river daisies and is intended to be planted. Swan River daisies are native to WA and produce beautiful blooms in an array of colours. With a beautiful, raw earthy texture and the tiny seeds visible throughout, our products have a true handmade feel. We hope you love our pieces as much as we do.   Sustainability
Here at Hello Petal we are passionate about sustainability. We take the environment into consideration with everything we do. We are proudly 100% plastic free. All of our products are made using 100% recycled paper. Our packaging and mailers are both home compostable. You might sometimes see a small piece of 'sticky tape' securing your order, this is biodegradable and made using regenerated wood pulp.

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